Vision & strategy

Backed by unique employees and investors we have a strong vision: Give everyone the opportunity to see under water. Our vision will help our customers make money and at the same time create a smaller environmental footprint on our Earth. Our Product will change everything in the Ocean Space. But best of all - smarter technology is actively contributing to the UN’s sustainability goals. A joint work plan for the world to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030.

Leading complex and challenging processes

Our next step in 2020 is market expansion through marketing and sales as well as initiating software development projects. Our management team has proven its strength and ability for endurance. We have a proven track record of leading complex and challenging processes while driving innovation. Our integrity gives us confidence that we will succeed.


We will understand customer needs better than any other company


The actual touch should reflect the tone of how you perceive the product


We remove everything that is insignificant

Our story

In 2015 the entrepreneurs Oscar Marković and Milan Marković had a breakthrough. They were the first in the World to 3D measure a salmon’s biomass using Light Field Technology. This breakthrough changed everything! The World has a huge need for new and smart sensors for food production in the sea and on land. Our BlueThink IoT Bridge is what you need.

Milan Marković and Oscar Marković

About quality, creativity, user friendliness and low environmental impact

We revolutionize the underwater camera market by fulfilling large sales and high production volumes SEALAB develops novel 2D and 3D multi-camera systems and computer vision technology with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for the Ocean Space.

We believe good design is about more than creating beautiful products. Our brand values of Quality, Creativity, User Friendliness, and Low Environmental Impact are reflected in our product designs. We are delighted that our design team under the leadership of Milan Marković and Oscar Marković is among the best in the Ocean Space supplier industry. 8 years of development – thousands of hours with hard work by the Founders is now behind us.

Some of the unfair competitive advantages of SEALAB

Unfair advantage

We have developed an unfair advantage that hurts our opponents so badly that they have to submit— and yells “Back off” to others stepping into the cage

Development of smart algorithms

We know our rivals, down to each tattoo and have done the right prep work to take down any opponent until we hit the exit. Beta testing and close collaboration with our customers. Additionally, we gather data to continue the development of smart algorithms and software packages.

New sensors and software

We’ve nailed the timing and have the self-control to think strategically enough to build a great product. SEALAB have the right momentum to launch another sensor and software package as soon as we reach the next funding milestone.

Entrepreneurial stamina

We get that the clock is ticking and understand the urgency to make real progress fast. Our entrepreneurial stamina and endurance prove that we will be alive next year.

SEALAB’s products are already selling to the market.

We have a fully developed and tested system. Thanks to previous investments and product development, we can introduce a smart and winning system this year, thus meeting the growing demand in the market.

We’re developing media attention internationally through exciting and relevant marketing information.

To reach customers over the next three years, extensive branding, sales and marketing will be budgeted and spent. We expect to spend a lot.

Measuring our marketing efforts continuously will optimize our marketing strategy to continuously seal the gaps in which customers and sales slip. There will be emphasis on continuous changes and optimization to sell more; we will research what it costs to market, evaluate which products are easier to sell and what makes the most money - all measured against the company's costs. This strategy will ensure growth.

According to the Norwegian Directory of Fishing there are about 4000 cages with Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow Trout operating per 2020. The number of cages is expected to increase, and we target doing business in 40 % of them by 2022.

We have focused on multiple success factors.

When all these come together, we have real force.

Our system have a cool identity.

It is scalable with plug-and-play.

Partnership with international leading partners and players ensures global access.

We’ve established a creative and hardworking team

Our management team has many years of relevant experience. We are built on four years of experience and innovation - SEALAB is much more than a start-up. Key people who have developed global businesses previously are in place. Partnership with International leading partners and players ensures global access. ISO 14001: 2015 and 9001: 2015 have been implemented.

Main office


  • Transittgata 14

  • Entrance A

  • 7042 Trondheim

  • Norway

In Oslo

  • Postgirobygget

  • Biskop Gunnerus gate 14a

  • 4th floor

  • 0185, Oslo

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