SEALAB Control Room - Livestream from your cages

Continuous monitoring is the best decision support available. With our unique camera technology and software, which communicate together (IoT), you get high-quality surveillance images right into your Control Room. A crystal clear look at what is going on in the cages can contribute to higher predictability, lower mortality and better fish welfare. The control room is using SEALAB Software Platform and is therefore open to third parties.

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Increased control using SEALAB Apps

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Having a fish farm as your daily workplace makes you particularly exposed to sea, weather and wind - and safety must therefore be taken seriously. Weather gives you a real-time overview of the weather situation at your fish farm.

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The AIS app is an anti-collision aid that contributes to increased safety. AIS equipment installed on the feed barge allows you to see and be seen by vessels in the area.

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Digital and easy logging of regular maintenance tasks to ensure high uptime on your equipment. Planning, scheduling and execution have never been easier.

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SEALAB Apps provides the fish farmer with relevant information that makes him or her capable of making better decisions at work, every day.

SEALAB Subsea Light ensures that the Livestream quality is excellent at nighttime or at depths where the natural lighting conditions are limited.

Controlling the entire production cycle

Hardware and Software - produced in Norway

Both hardware and software are produced in Norway. This has made fast deliveries of a reliable solution possible. The products are also designed for minimal maintenance and are easy to install. If you want Livestream at your facility, SEALAB is able to provide you with a solution i short time. Happy customers are our first priority, therefore our service phone is open 24 hours a day.




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Developed, designed & manufactured in Norway

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