A risk worth taking - born to engineer

Once upon a time...

A discovery under water

A little kid discovers a new world under water (That kid was Milan Marković).

20 years later - SCUBA diving at last

Starting from zero, got nothing to lose. Maybe we'll create something.

(Oscar Marković joins the team)

Prototyping a new underwater camera for camera vision

Breakthrough! Our first underwater images for AI

Oscar’s words in a fieldtrip where we lifted the project to a new level

“This camera will change everything in the Ocean Space”

A few seconds later we landed our strong vision

Give everyone the opportunity to see under water

3D biomass estimation – we did it!

The company SEALAB was established

Hard work in the R&D Lab

The first LED lights that enable underwater machine vision was developed.

Eight completed master theses

Eight master theses in underwater technology under our wings. These amazing people lifted the company to a new level

Top score:

SEALAB and SINTEF Ocean got awarded by the Research Council of Norway – the project “Indisal” was a reality – biometric identification of each salmon individs.

First sale to a customer (and nighttime recording of images underwater)

World’s largest data harvesting of Aquaculture images for Artificial Intelligence

First round of funding from investors

SEALAB factory and a new R&D Lab opened

(Asbjørn Marković joins the team)

SEALAB Ocean Space Center and broadcasting 24/7 from underwater started

In collaboration with Intel, an innovation with disruptive technology saw the light of day. A smart camera with six lenses and super-fast edge computing is changing how we process data in the Ocean Space.

(Håkon Marković joins the team)

More to come…

Main office in Norway


  • Transittgata 14

  • Entrance A

  • 7042 Trondheim

  • Norway

In Norway

  • Oslo Science Park

  • Gaustadalléen 21

  • 0349 Oslo

  • Norway

In Germany

  • Berlin

  • EUREF-Campus 1-25

  • 10829 Berlin

  • Germany

In Serbia

  • Niš

  • Bore Vukmirovića 9

  • 18000 Niš, Serbia

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