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SEALAB AS provides leading camera technology solutions for monitoring and analysis in the aquaculture industry. These solutions integrate cameras, lights, sensors, electronics, software, communication solutions and control rooms using “smart” (IoT) high-speed infrastructure.

This statement applies to the Norwegian business. The registered headquarter is Transittgata 14, 7042 Trondheim. For inquiries regarding

Processing of personal data at

The CEO has the day-to-day responsibility for SEALAB's processing of personal data on our websites and our blog, unless otherwise stated below. It is optional for those who visit the site to provide personal information in connection with services, for example by sending us requests, enrolling in courses, breakfast meetings or receiving newsletters. The basis of treatment is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified.

SEALAB AS is responsible for the treatment of information on the website, and is responsible for maintenance and development of the website themselves.

Online statistics

SEALAB AS collects information about visitors at The purpose of the collection is to compile statistics that are used to improve and further develop website content. Examples of what information is collected are: how visitors use the site, what website the user comes from, how many people visit the different pages, how long the visit lasts, what they click on and which browsers are used.

SEALAB AS uses the analysis tools of Google Inc ("Google") on their website and the information gathered using these tools is stored using Google services. This information is not shared with any other parties.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, phone or tablet when you visit a website. Cookies help websites to remember your settings (such as username, language preferences, text size and other presets) for a certain period of time. Cookies are also used to improve functionality, to collect information for analytics or marketing purposes.

How do we use Cookies?

We use cookies to obtain information on how a site is being used. The cookies are set and the information analyzed using Google Analytics, which is a web analytics tool from Google. The information is stored on servers in the United States. The cookies collect information on which pages are visited, how long a visit lasts, the number of visits to the site and what the source of the visit is (for example, Google Search). We also use cookies to analyze user behavior, such as clicks on links, clicks to articles, submission of contact forms and the like.

By using cookies, our site collects information for later advertising (Remarketing). An anonymized identity is stored in separate lists used for targeted advertising based on your online user behavior. In addition to the information being anonymized (de-identified), a certain number of users are required to be listed before the lists are used.

All browsers allow you to restrict cookie behavior or to disable them by changing the browser's settings. The browser also lets you review which cookies are stored on your computer, and to delete a single cookie or to remove all of them. You will find a link below on how to do this.

Google Analytics

To provide us with information and statistics on how our site is being used, a cookie is set via Google Analytics.

Google Task Manager

To help us distribute different code snippets on the site, including Google Analytics mentioned above, we use Google Tag Manager, which sets a cookie to handle information about the current session.


The Hubspot cookie is used to record information about the use of the website in the same way as the Google Analytics cookie. If you register as a user on our website we will be able to more easily offer you relevant information at later visits with the help of the Hubspot cookie.

Social media

We use cookies to track activity from social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Cookies from these platforms do not give us insight into who is on the site but allow us to gather data in the various media to build an ad audience that we can advertise towards at a later time.


Occasionally, we have ads in other media that make us want to track traffic from these. For this reason we have cookies that track traffic to our site from these ads. No personal data is tracked in these cookies.

You can read more about Google's privacy policy here:

You can opt out of Google's use of cookies (opt-out) for advertising through the Google Advertising and Privacy page:


It is possible to reserve against cookies by turning this off in the browser. Information on how to do this can be found under settings in your browser. Most browsers also allow incognito mode where you browse anonymously. If you disable cookies in your browser, it is important to note that this can affect the user experience on web pages. Here is a list of how to disable cookies in various browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Safari Mobile
  • Android
  • Use of Facebook pixel: tracking on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Instant Articles and Audience Network.

Facebook is listed as the owner of Instagram, Messenger, Instant Articles and Audience Network, and therefore the use of Facebook pixels also cover these channels.

A Facebook pixel is a script located on our site that collects information for Facebook. The pixel collects information from the cookies contained in your browser and sends it back to Facebook where the information is collected together with data from your Facebook profile.

The Information collected may be demographic data such as age, gender and interests, or may be related to your user behavior. The information is only available on an anonymized and aggregated level. The information is used for analysis purposes, targeted advertising based on your user behavior (remarketing) as well as identifying target audiences that have a profile that is similar to yours and therefore have a potential opportunity to have a similar pattern of action or need.

Information collected via Facebook pixels is stored in a period from 90 days to 2 years. The information is stored on Facebook servers in the United States.

When using Facebook for advertising purposes, Facebook will in most cases be responsible for the processing of data. However, there are some exceptions:

The use of Facebook Lead Ads, a tool for collecting email addresses through Facebook pages, where both Facebook and SEALAB AS will be responsible for processing. If SEALAB AS wants to use this tool, information about the user's rights will be clearly stated in the advertisement where the user voluntarily discloses personal data.

Uploading existing email lists for targeted advertising on Facebook. If SEALAB AS wants to use this tool, it will only target potential customers who have voluntarily given their consent.

Other information collected through our website

Use of contact forms on our website

When you use the contact form on our website we ask for the following information: Name, email address, company, telephone number, and what your inquiry is about.

The purpose of collecting and storing information is to be able to respond and have a dialogue around your inquiry. All personal information is stored on secure servers, in accordance with Hubspot's data storage routines.

Sign up for newsletter

SEALAB AS sends out newsletters a few times a year via email. To receive these, you must register your email address with us. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, your information will be deleted.

Server log on website

All visits to our sites are stored in a log on our server. The information stored is the IP address of the device visiting the site. This information is collected to ensure continuous operation of our sites. In the event of an attack on a site, the IP address(es) connected to the attack will be blocked.

Email and telephone

SEALAB AS uses e-mail and telephone as part of its day-to-day work to engage in dialogue and respond to requests from potential customers, customers, former customers and other business partners.

Each employee is responsible for deleting messages that are no longer relevant, and should at least once a year review and delete unnecessary content in their respective email box. Upon resignation the email account of the former employee is deleted. Relevant emails will normally be forwarded to colleagues.

Sensitive personal data should not be sent via email. Please note that regular email is not encrypted. We therefore encourage you to exercise caution and to not send sensitive data or confidential information via email.

Other circumstances in which we record personal data

Registration of visitors to SEALAB AS's offices

To ensure safety in the event of an evacuation of our office premises, SEALAB AS has introduced access control with registration of visitors to our offices. The information collected is stored in the solution (Name of the solution), and the information stored is name, email address and company.

Use of third parties/subcontractors

SEALAB AS uses subcontractors to assist with day-to-day operations and for the storage of collected personal data. Through their contracts with us, these subcontractors may be able to gain access to personal data. Statutory data processing agreements have been signed with these.

Your rights

You have the right to access your personal data and to be informed about how they are being processed. You also have the right to have the information corrected, deleted or to limit the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

You can contact us at for access to, change of or deletion of information.

The processing of personal data is based on consent, and you can withdraw your consent at any time.

If you believe SEALAB AS has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to appeal to the relevant supervisory authority, which in Norway is the Data Inspectorate. You can find contact info for the Data Inspectorate on their website

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