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Quintus LED is a powerful subsea light that is suitable for a wide range of subsea services. A robust construction with an effective design guarantees a long lifetime with minimal maintenance. The light has a maximum light output of 40,000 lumens and a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, which is about 5 years of continuous use.

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40,000 Lumens

Max Light Output


Number of LED Lights

50,000 hours

LED Average Life

2 kg


Quintus LED can advantageously be used together with our subsea camera, sCAM. Together they make it possible to capture exceptional high-quality images below the surface, even during night time. Clear and colourful images that far exceed what you can see with the naked eye. Images that are well suited for AI applications.

Customized for fish farming

The 5 separate LED lights can be controlled and dimmed between 0-100%. To avoid stressing the fish, the light is slowly dimmed towards full strength. The design and positioning relative to the camera facilitate the desired light level of the target object in addition to low backscattering.

Many application areas

Quintus LED is suitable for many applications. If you need to carry out an installation or repair in the dark, for example underwater pier construction during the night, the Quintus LED can provide great working light.

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