5G-HEART (5G HEalth AquacultuRe and Transport validation trials) will deploy innovative digital use cases involving healthcare, transport and aquaculture industry partnerships. The overall objective is to define and validate the cost efficient 5G converged network concepts, which enable an intelligent hub supported by multiple vertical industries.

Utility, efficient processes, safety

Healthcare, transport and aquaculture, verticals are hugely important in Europe, in terms of jobs, size and export trade. Moreover, they are vital from a social perspective, for better patient outcomes, safer transportation and safer and more sustainable food production. 5G is important for these verticals, in terms of improvements for utility, efficient processes, safety among others.

The main motivation of the aquaculture vertical trials are to bring to market a new and cost-effective, networked solution to optimize the aquaculture producers’ activity, through successful deployment and operation, from both the network operator and the end-to-end user-experienced perspectives.

The Norwegian pilot site is a commercial production site of Atlantic Salmon in the Mid-Norway Atlantic coast, owned and operated by Sinkaberg-Hansen AS. SEALAB and Telenor are the two partners responsible for carrying out several user cases related to remote monitoring of water and fish quality on this site.

Accelerating the 5G network with SEALAB – all the way into the edge

The journey of network transformation has started. SEALAB BlueThink is just what the new 5G network needs, but the solution will also have a tremendous positive effect when used with both 4G, radio links and fiber network. Smart FPGA technology in combination with software brings data transfer and remote operations to a new level.

The adventure already begins right behind the image sensor. Photos and video are distributed super-fast exactly where they should be and with exactly the resolution, bit depth, bit rate and frame rate you need. Biomass and 3D measurement for example: if the algorithm and AI solution you implemented need two stills per second, it will be completely wrong to overload a network with two 4k video streams with many frames per second. BlueThink makes the image quality actually increase, and the amount of data goes down.

We have also revolutionized data transfer from location to control rooms at land. A typical aquaculture facility may have 10 cages. Each cage has a surface camera and a 3D camera submerged. With existing systems you will send 30 high-resolution video streams as well as sensor data in addition from fleet and up to land and destroying the image quality totally. SEALAB BlueThink is a super-advanced broadcasting system for the Ocean Space that provides you with the data you need for AI and automation and the best possible quality at the other end. And then it's easy to use - and it's fun to use.

Here you can see the difference in image quality. This is the same Atlantic salmon, same cage, same day and time. Both are raw data and unedited. The image to the right comes from SEALAB BlueThink:

Illustration image different quality3

Edge computing will power the aquaculture industry, no doubt about that. Edge computing is a crucial part of the 5G platform and provides a first-mover advantage for communication service providers in grabbing new business opportunities.

Advanced Optical Imaging with the SEALAB network infrastructure – a scalable technology which delivers increased value for customers across their cloud, network and edge needs. From the Core to the Edge Just look forward to a new and efficient working day. SEALAB BlueThink is already in use with the first customers and we have the capacity to assist many more customers now in 2020 and in the years to come.

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