What do you think R&D at SEALAB would have been without curious and highly qualified people?

Our DNA is strong

Our Research Laboratories are constantly developing and testing new technological solutions. SEALAB’s DNA is very strong when we talk about creativity and different ways of thinking. We need more Rockstars on the team. If you have X-factor and what is needed – launch your career at SEALAB.

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Career at SEALAB

Our R&D department is growing

SEALAB’s R&D team is reinventing the digital world every day. In everything we do, we are looking for breakthroughs in our product experiences. We strive to do solutions smaller, faster, and better. Our discoveries make completely new things possible in the Ocean Space, in water and in harsh environments. And if computing capabilities are not in demand, we make it possible thanks to our technology. Every day we try to make a difference.


  • Robotics engineers
  • Embedded software engineers
  • Frontend software engineers
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Marketing and creative storytellers
research hardware

SEALAB is convinced that investing in technology and software that helps solve the major challenges facing the world - are also investments that make the earth be a better place.

What does it mean to give everyone the opportunity to see underwater?

The global ocean must be protected. Especially because it is helping to provide more food to the world more than ever. If this is done correctly, the road ahead will be sustainable. Our strong vision helps the most talented employees to work for the company. Not only work, but to create incredible underwater technology for AI, Edge Computing, underwater cameras and data traffic between Edge and Cloud.

Can creativity be stimulated if we do not set boundaries?

The founders of SEALAB are already looking at various opportunities to develop technology to do research under the ice on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Main office


  • Transittgata 14

  • Entrance A

  • 7042 Trondheim

  • Norway

In Oslo

  • Postgirobygget

  • Biskop Gunnerus gate 14a

  • 4th floor

  • 0185, Oslo

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