A project in which we monitor the wildlife and environment around the SEALAB Ocean Space Center situated on Gjæsingen island off the Norwegian coast

Gjæsingen environment monitoring

Curiosity is the driving force behind this latest project from SEALAB. In this endeavour we monitor areas of interest both above and below sea level at the SEALAB Ocean Space Center on Gjæsingen island. These areas of interest are monitored by our camera systems and a real-time livestream is made available by our infrastructure to be reached from anywhere with a network connection.

The monitored areas include both a gulls nest, an eagles aerie and our own custom built lobster shelter. The goal for this project is simply to satisfy our own curiosity and to provide the inhabitants of Gjæsingen island with a new way to enjoy their local environment

Main office in Norway


  • Transittgata 14

  • Entrance A

  • 7042 Trondheim

  • Norway

In Norway

  • Oslo Science Park

  • Gaustadalléen 21

  • 0349 Oslo

  • Norway

In Germany

  • Berlin

  • EUREF-Campus 1-25

  • 10829 Berlin

  • Germany

In Serbia

  • Niš

  • Bore Vukmirovića 9

  • 18000 Niš, Serbia

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