Oil & gas industry

AI, IoT, Edge Computing and smart camera technology from SEALAB can minimize the risk of accidents on drilling rigs in the Oil & Gas Industry.

A secure rig is an effective rig

Artificial intelligence

Monitoring using artificial intelligence helps the system monitor all movement of equipment and crew. SEALAB develops the next-generation safety system and the same technology used in driverless cars. The system can detect people and equipment in motion and give the drill manager a warning if someone is in the wrong zone, for example. SEALABs FPGA technology works with both 2D and 3D camera setup.

Main office in Norway


  • Transittgata 14

  • Entrance A

  • 7042 Trondheim

  • Norway

In Norway

  • Oslo Science Park

  • Gaustadalléen 21

  • 0349 Oslo

  • Norway

In Germany

  • Berlin

  • EUREF-Campus 1-25

  • 10829 Berlin

  • Germany

In Serbia

  • Niš

  • Bore Vukmirovića 9

  • 18000 Niš, Serbia

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