Edge computing

Edge computing is about processing at the points in the value chain where it is useful and efficient. Machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) require a data volume, data quality, and frequency that challenge earlier paradigms such as cloud computing. Instead of transporting all data to the cloud, important processing is done at the edge.

System on Chip developed by SEALAB

Based on experience from the whole value chain

We provide solutions for the whole value chain; from physical devices like our great camera to software applications like SEALAB Dashboard. Edge computing is the part where all the magic happens. Data is collected locally and processed at the edge.

System on Chip

Do you want your camera to become conscious?

SEALAB is uniquely positioned to leverage the full potential of EDGE computing. Our market-proven solutions on every step of the value chain have given us the perfect research and development platform for EDGE computing.

System on Chip

Central to this is the most valuable component in any imaging infrastructure: the camera.

We are developing System on Chips with FPGA technology inside that fulfil the most demanding computer vision and AI tasks. The on-chip processing gets past challenges around massive data generation and poor image quality by doing the processing in the camera unit itself. Our system on chip can be customised for different cameras, and remotely reprogrammed to perform ever more advanced tasks.

The little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right.

How the aquaculture industry can benefit from Edge computing

Smart FPGA technology in combination with software lifts data transfer and remote operations to a new level. The possibilities are already starting right behind the image sensor. Images and video are distributed with the correct resolution, bit depth, bit rate and frame rate needed.

Biomass estimation

Edge computing will power the aquaculture industry

If the algorithm and AI solution you implemented for biomass estimation need two stills per second, it is unnecessary to overload the network with two 4k video streams with many frames per second. By using FPGA technology you can enhance the image quality while reducing the amount of data. This will be a huge step in terms of smart and efficient data transmission.

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