SEALAB Software Platform

Our software platform supports IoT integration, video distribution, and data handling. This enables good customer applications with unlimited possibilities.

Solutions for the entire value chain

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We provide solutions for the whole value chain. From physical devices like our great camera to software applications like SEALAB Dashboard. Our software platform stores, and processes data. This enables both ours and third-party software platforms to use the data as they like. At the end of this value chain you’ll find our customers - happy to access their data and devices.

Software platform for IoT integration, video distribution, and data handling

SEALAB has developed a software platform that supports IoT. The platform delivers any data or video required for software applications to perform their functions while allowing the results from those applications to be presented back into the platform for use by other applications.

Our system is open to third parties

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We contribute to better infrastructure with 5G

The new 5G network is on everyone’s minds these days, and for good reason. Not only will 5G improve how we use and communicate with technology, but it will also change how various technologies communicate with one another.

Read more about how SEALAB contributes to developing new 5G solutions through 5G-HEART, a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.


SEALAB Software Platform and IoT in the aquaculture industry


The Internet of Things is about all the things around us being connected to the internet. When things are connected to the network, they can connect, talk to each other, and to the surroundings. This allows us to remotely control the devices and collect data in a way that was previously impossible.

SEALAB delivers complete IoT-systems to the aquaculture industry. All components installed in the cages and on the feed barge are connected through the Internet of Things; underwater cameras, underwater lights, environmental sensors, winches, service tablets, control rooms, and more.

The Digital twin - A bridge between the physical and the digital world

The digitalisation of the ocean space has come so far that the living conditions for digital twins are present in several industries.

SEALAB Software Platform is designed to support this technology. It is able to store and process large amounts of data. This enables third party suppliers and SEALAB to create computers that extract lessons from a large amount of data through machine learning.

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